My house was hot and felt like a sauna.

After a long day at work, all I wanted to do was go home, turn the thermostat down, and relax in the air conditioning.

I worked in an outdoor mall, and it was so hot that I could barely breathe.

I walked into the house, headed to the thermostat, and then it hit me; it was as hot and humid as being in a sauna. I set the thermostat at eighty when I went to work, but it was almost ninety inside. I called the HVAC company and told them my air conditioning wasn’t working. The HVAC technician was in the house two hours later. I couldn’t believe the air conditioning was broken. I had it serviced less than a month ago. The HVAC technician hadn’t given me a notice there was something wrong. If they had mentioned a problem, I would have had it repaired immediately. Now summer was arriving in our area, and I didn’t have any air conditioning. I told all of this to the HVAC technician who did an inspection of the air conditioning unit. He told me there was nothing wrong with the air conditioning unit. He then checked the thermostat. All I needed was a new thermostat and my air conditioning unit was working just like new. I thanked the HVAC technician for his help and apologized for pulling him away from a job that may have been more dire than this one. I finally got to lower the temperature on the thermostat, and relax in the air conditioning before it was time to make dinner for my husband.
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