My husband and I experienced a glamorous bedroom

Last year, for my honeymoon, me and my husband Greg stayed at the most luxurious house that we have ever seen.

This house was a 2-bedroom home that was tucked on the banks of a lake. Though it had 2 bedrooms, we had the house to ourselves, and it was one of the dreamiest vacations we’ve ever had. The house itself was gorgeous but the furniture blew us away. The glamourous bedroom had freshly cut flowers, beautiful drapes, European furniture paired with some vintage pieces, as well as the most stunning crystal chandelier. It was one of the most elegant bedrooms I had ever seen. You could tell that a lot of thought went into the selection of the high end furniture. The classic elegance made us feel sophisticated and important. The glamorous bedroom was made for royalty and Greg and I felt like we could be as well. Aside from the glamorous bedroom, the living room furniture was also stunning. There were antique accent pieces as well as European-style furniture. The sofas reminded me of something that you would see in a castle. The wood carving at the top of the sofa was eye catching, and the chase was also stunning as well. Each had decorative pillows that complimented them nicely. The furniture was so nice that Greg was hesitant to sit on any of it. Although we don’t have such luxurious furniture in our house, it was nice to experience such elegance and luxury. We had a great time on our honeymoon, and we would like to stay at this home again.


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