My husband Matt is an HVAC technician

My husband Matt is an HVAC technician here in town, and he has been working at the same little locally owned heating and cooling company for the past five years now. Honestly, Matt is very popular around here because everyone seems to know him. He loves the work that he does, and he also really likes his customers most of the time. He says that he usually has a great time whenever he is out on the job because he loves troubleshooting things and repairing them. Apparently, he does a great job for all of his customers, because they always give him really great reviews. He gets lots of compliments at work, and people are always calling in to say what a great job he did in repairing their heating and cooling systems. I am proud of Matt for doing such a good job at work and for being so well liked around town. Not only that, but a lot of people will call in and ask for him specifically when they have to get their furnace or their air conditioning system worked on. I guess when you are still well wiped in the community, people will start lining up to wait for you. Matt’s bosses also realize this, and they treat him accordingly. He gets all kinds of perks from working at his company, and he also gets several paid days off a month just as an incentive for him to keep working there. I’m pretty sure that they don’t want to lose him to a competitor in the HVAC industry.

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