My HVAC technician is also a certified plumber

I recently found out that my HVAC technician is also a plumber.

And I must admit, I was shocked by the revelation.

I had known him for over 5 years, and he had never mentioned it to me. Over the years, I have had a few plumbing issues where I could’ve used his services. The way I found out that he was a plumber was because he noticed that a pipe outside was dripping. I had been meaning to call a handyman to take care of the issue but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. So, while my HVAC technician was performing maintenance at my home, he used the pipe to wash down the HVAC unit. And that’s when he noticed the dripping and he then stated that he could fix it for me. At first, I thought he was just handy and knew how to fix a leaky pipe, but turns out, he is also a certified plumber. In fact, he mentioned that he was a plumber first before he became an HVAC technician. It’s great to be certified in trade positions because one will always have a steady flow of work and customers. And if you think about it, my HVAC technician chose two of the trade fields that are always in demand. I have been using a handyman for all my past plumbing needs, but now that I know that my HVAC technician is also a plumber, I will give all my business to him. Not only can he perform service on my HVAC unit, but he can also perform the yearly maintenance on my water heater as well as any other plumbing needs I might have.

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