My indoor humidity level is balanced thanks to the great heat pump

I love this time of year because I can open the sliding glass doors and just enjoy fresh air.

While most of the country is already dealing with cold temps, we’re right in the sweet spot even though it’s almost Thanksgiving. In our region, heat is the big deal around here. The air conditioning can be on from mid March all the way into November. But for the four months of deep heat during the summer, the HVAC cooling is running all the time. So enjoying fresh air with the heat pump off is just so nice. I love fresh air. Going forward, the heat pump might come on the handful of times over the winter just to knock the chill out of the house. But again, our winters are so mild that it doesn’t happen all that often. I’m just really thankful for my heat pump because it keeps me so comfortable. It does such a great job of keeping the house so pleasant during the summer months. Summer around here would be quite impossible if it wasn’t for that heat pump. The heat pump of course is providing us with the cooling that we need. But it’s also doing another much needed service. The heat pump balances the humidity inside our homes as it is cooling our homes. Of course, this is key particularly where we live because the humidity can be overwhelming. The heat pump balances the humidity in our house so we enjoy crisp cooling air. And we also don’t have to clean up a bunch of mold and mildew due to high humidity levels inside or homes.


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