My kids school needs to repair their heater

The heating system at my kids’ school is torn up but I’m hoping that they are going to have it fixed before they go back to school after the Winter break! I cannot help but feel sorry for all of the kids in this particular school because they are all cold during class at the moment.

I think it’s silly that they are even having classes at all, seeing as how they cannot get the heating system up and running correctly in the building, however you would think that the local Board of Education would have some kind of a repair contract worked out with one of the commercial Heating and A/C companies around here to handle things of this nature! For some reason, they just can’t ever seem to get it together at this particular school building.

There are always issues with the HVAC system at their school, and I, for one, am just sick and tired of it. I feel bad for my kids having to go to school at this place. If I were being forced to go to a place for several hours a day with such terrible indoor air conditions inside of it, then I know I would truly just go crazy, and no wonder my kids hate going to school! I know that I would truly hate going to school too if I were them. I think I am going to end up calling and complaining to the Board of Education if the whole heating fiasco is not fixed by the time they go back to school in a few weeks.

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