My lady complained about my long work schedule

My lady & I broke up a couple of weeks ago, & I am still distraught & depressed about the circumstances of our relationship ending.

I have been working a lot lately, because it’s the middle of the summer time season when that workshop is busy.

During the summer time weeks, an A/C maintenance supplier is going to be busy. During the Winter time weeks, a heat pump & gas furnace maintenance supplier will be busy. I told my lady when the people I was with and I met that work was important to me. I got out of work early a couple of times so my lady & I could go for dinner, although I stopped leaving work early after the people I was with and I were dating for a couple of weeks. When summer time started, I had to work twice as hard. I did not get beach house until 9 or 10 on most days. My lady complained about my long work schedule. She told myself and others that she did not know important. I tried to tell my lady that the A/C maintenance supplier pays all of our bills, but she was not honestly understanding. I had a busy day Some of weeks ago on a Monday & my lady & I were supposed to go to dinner & a movie. When I had to cancel at the last hour, she got honestly mad & hung up the phone. When I got back to our apartment, she had all of her things in a box. He told myself and others that she was not going to put up with not being made a priority in my life. I could not argue, so I let her walk out the door.


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