My neighbor asked if I had seen the new HVAC tech?

My neighbor was quite a character, any time she saw someone new in the village, she got excited… Last week, she came over to ask if I had seen the new HVAC tech? I hadn’t yet seen the HVAC tech, although I had nothing wrong with my HVAC system, then i told her I would be calling the HVAC business to have repair done to my a/c unit, plus I would look at him then… She told me to take a nice long look, plus don’t be surprised at who he was, but two weeks later, I had an appointment for the HVAC business to inspect my a/c unit! When the young man showed up, I knew what my neighbor was talking about, he was quite handsome, although he was also quite young.

I laughed when I thought about my neighbor.

She was regularly trying to find a man for me. She thought I shouldn’t be living by myself, plus I needed someone to keep me business. I was fantastic owning a home plus not being married. The HVAC business talked to me the entire time he was laboring on the a/c unit. He asked if I noticed the neighbor looking out the window. I told him that most of the neighbors were enjoying the HVAC business, especially since he was at my house. I also told him they were all trying to find someone to marry me off to. He laughed plus said his bestie wouldn’t be actually glad if he came home married, however if it would make my neighbors glad, he’d make a nice show for them. He touched my arm plus whispered that he was an actor in school, then my friend and I both started laughing.


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