My neighbor had a dinner party last week

My neighbor had a dinner party last week, plus it ended up being a disaster because his air conditioning broke down.

It was his first real party in his modern apartment, plus I felt actually exhausting for his because he had worked actually tough on all of the food plus the menu plus everything.

She must have called myself and others a dozen times to ask myself and others if I thought that the menu was just right, plus he even called a wine connoisseur to find out if he thought that the wine was the right pairing for the meal. She was actually drastic about this dinner party plus I suppose he actually wanted it to be his first real grown up event at his modern apartment. I knew that he was actually laboring tough on it, although I did not pay attention to the fact that he was having troubles with his air conditioner. She had mentioned it in passing, although I did not suppose to tell his that it would be actually crucial to have the air conditioning fixed before he had people over. I knew that this would be actually crucial, although I just did not suppose about it at the time. I actually regretted that once I went over for the party itself though. It was so warm inside of his home that we were all just annoyed. Since the air conditioning wasn’t laboring, the arena was actually humid, plus there was no way for his to open up the windows because we were in a high rise. I felt poor for his because he had actually wanted everything to be perfect, then everything was perfect except for the fact that we were all annoyed separate from the air conditioning.


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