My neighbor Tina is jealous of my new thermostat

My neighbor Tina is one of those nosy neighbors that you hear about in stories and TV shows.

However, Tina is actually the real deal.

She is always wanting to know what’s going on over at our house, and she always wants to try and keep up with whatever we are doing here. I think that it’s silly because people should just mind their own business and keep to themselves for the most part. I guess Tina never read that memo, though. Last week when we had our local heating and cooling company come to our house to replace our thermostat, Tina was super interested in what was going on in our place. She kept coming outside and checking out what we were doing. If it wasn’t so annoying to see her sticking her head out her front door every time we came outside, it would almost be funny! She was writing down the HVAC company’s number from the truck parked in our driveway, and then later on I saw her talking to the HVAC technician. He was just finishing up installing our new smart thermostat system, and so I’m sure she was asking him about what he was doing at our house. When he told her that he was installing a brand new smart thermostat system, I saw the look on her face through the kitchen window!I know that Tina is jealous of our new smart thermostat system. I would not be at all surprised if she has the HVAC company come to her house and install one just like it in the next week or two. That seems exactly like something she would do.