My new job

Dealing with job lay offs can be pretty problemsome.

Especially when you are in a single work appreciate I am.

I work in the heating and a/c contractor as a certified heat and a/c specialist. And recently I was laid off from the heating and cooling company that I had worked for for a long time so far. 7 years is pretty long, however so I had to actually search hard to find a new heating and a/c company that was looking to hire experienced heat and a/c specialists appreciate myself. After 2 weeks of hard searching I finally landed a new job! This new heating and a/c company that work for is actually great and so far I actually appreciate laboring here. Finding a great heat and a/c company to work for is not straight-forward in itself. But I happened to luck out finding this heating and a/c company and even more lucky because they actually hired myself and others for the job to be a single of their certified heat and a/c specialists. I have been here about a month now and I actually have to say that I am more ecstatic here than the other heat and a/c company that I worked for going on 7 years! These people pay a lot more and also they offer benefits that the other heating and a/c company I used to work for did not. I hope to be with this heating and a/c company for a long time if they do not experience any lay offs.



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