My parents didn’t teach me anything

I think people really overemphasize how wonderful it is to be “privileged” around here sometimes.

There’s so much societal guilt for having things handed to you on a silver platter… but no one ever really talks about the fact that this can massively hold you back in life, too. For instance, when you get a home of your own and suddenly have no indoor air quality control system because no body instructed you on proper professional HVAC care, diagnostics, or repair services. This is what I’m currently dealing with, myself, as I wait for a new heating and cooling system to be installed. Growing up I never had to learn how to do anything. A few short days ago, I had a heating, cooling, and air quality control system. I had a smart thermostat, oil furnace, and powerful evaporative cooling device at this house. And I never thought for one second a single piece of that indoor air quality control equipment. No one ever told me that I should. I honestly didn’t realize that HVAC breakdowns were even possible. Instead, I learned that touching the thermostat would change the indoor air temperature and the rest of the entire HVAC system just worked itself out. Now, I see that there’s important regular maintenance for any air conditioner and furnace. Unfortunately, I found this out way too late. I had to learn about the challenges of energy usage and HVAC care from the HVAC technician who diagnosed my AC and furnace the other day. The guy looked at me like I was an idiot when I asked him “what professional maintenance schedule?”

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