My sister purchased a house sight unseen last year for work

My sister purchased a house sight unseen last year when she had to move all the way across the country for her job.When she first told myself and others that this was what she was planning on doing, I thought that it was the craziest thing that I had ever heard of.

I had never heard of a person ever moving to a brand current house without even seeing it first! She said that in her line of work, where people have to move a lot, people do it all the time.

I still thought it was weird, however I trusted her judgment. She said that she started to labor with a realtor who specialized in that sort of thing & those types of moves. She told him that the only thing that she was absolutely upset about in the current house was the heating, cooling, & ventilation system. My sister is absolutely paranoid about the indoor air conditions wherever she is residing. I think that this is especially tploy when she is moving to a current area. She is terrified of getting sick, & she wants to make sure that her respiratory plan is always at its best. So when she talked to the realtor, she told him that she wanted a state of the art, high efficiency heating & cooling plan in the current house. She also told him that she wanted a whole beach house UV light air purification plan set up to run in tandem with the Heating & Air Conditioning system. She said that she would care about to have a fireplace, too, however that wasn’t a deal breaker for her… Other than that, she didn’t absolutely like the house at all.



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