My son misses our central air conditioning

He did it, well I should say he has been doing it for about 4 months now.

My son moved out and got his own place.

I remember the days of moving out of my parents and the struggles I had to deal with. I can only assume he is going through the same thing I had to when I was younger. I know he does his best and wants to succeed on his own but I’m always here along with his mother to help if ever called upon. I know he doesn’t like it but at times we drop off some groceries at his door before he gets home from work so he has some food to cook. I just don’t want to see him eating all that fast food all the time. It’s not really good for anyone’s health. I also know he misses sitting in our central air conditioned home after work. I would as well if I had to work in a kitchen all the time. Now, it’s summer he has to deal with the heat at work and at his own house. I have been kicking around the idea with the wife about helping him out with getting central air conditioning and I reached out to my pal, John on how much it would cost these days to get it installed. I know the price is something my son can’t afford but we might just do it for a birthday gift for him, a very early birthday gift since his isn’t until fall. I just want him to have something, even a window air conditioner to help him be comfortable when he is at home.


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