My uncle had the right idea

When my parents told me what life was about, I stupidly believed them.

They always preached the importance of getting a good education, a good job, and a good home.

They said that settling down and preparing for a long life leading to a miserable death was the proper way to conduct yourself. So I went out and got a great degree. I got myself a great job. I got myself a great house. And then I slowly waited to die. However, at some point along the line I started to question exactly what I was doing… IS this living? My great uncle showed up at just the right time to show me how mistaken I had been, thanks to my failing indoor air quality control equipment. The realization all began on the night that my heating system failed. It was bitterly cold in my home and I couldn’t figure out why the thermostat wasn’t controlling the indoor air handling equipment properly. I kept messing with the furnace, trying to relight the pilot, and checking the internet for other HVAC troubleshooting ideas. FInally, I gave up and called my uncle, who was a professional indoor air quality control specialist. He was kind enough to run right over to my home, where he promptly inspected the heating device and made several small repairs. As my uncle talked to me about HVAC, he also told me about his life as an air temperature equipment worker. It turns out, the life of an indoor heating and cooling technician is pretty interesting. Every day is different in the HVAC repair world, unlike my own. RIght now, I’m applying to go back to school… this time, for a basic heating and cooling repair position.

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