My uncle was saying her AC was making her sick

I went to live with our uncle when I was 6.

My Dad fell ill plus could no longer take care of me.

My uncle didn’t know twice about taking myself and others in as her child, however unfortunately, our Dad never got better. After she passed away, our uncle became our legal guardian. I was never alone plus felt so much love growing up with our cousins. After school, I went on to school plus graduated with honors. There was an international company recruiting, so I took this opportunity to labor abroad plus see the world. But, I always came home to our aunt’s arena during the holidays to be with the rest of the family. Last year, our cousins plus I bought our uncle a fantastic new home in a posh area with excellent amenities. However, 2 weeks after she moved in, our uncle called to say the AC made her sick. This was quite a surprise since the people I was with and I ensured the home had a new AC system. Since I was away, I called our cousin to head over to the home plus see why the AC made her sick. My cousin sent myself and others a message later in the day saying they got in touch with an Heating plus A/C expert in the area. The new AC was too powerful plus caused our uncle to fall sick. They had to change the control unit plus use a single our uncle could operate easily. The next time the people I was with and I spoke, she felt much better now that the AC unit was no longer making her sick.
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