My wife never cares for our heater

What do you do when there are several people that have opposing views on the heating and cooling system? This is the complication I have with our wife and I, I have consistently been adamant that all of us take good care of our heating and A/C system.

She however, doesn’t seem too convinced to continually spend currency trying to maintain it and having it repaired.

This is a actually sizable complication because obviously be sure everything, including the currency all of us make and if all of us cannot agree and how is anything going to get done? So I told her that if she didn’t want to have the heating and cooling proposal consistently maintained any longer that all of us didn’t have to. But, if it were to chop down she was responsible for paying for all of it. She was completely convinced that it would not happen so she agreed. However, when the warm Summer weather came the a/c did chop down after not being maintained for years. My wife got stuck paying for it and after that she was convinced that all of us should continue to have our heating and A/C proposal maintained. I hate to say I told you so, but I was right. At now that our heating and cooling proposal is going to be actually maintained, appreciate the heating and air conditioner proposal separate from having to worry about it cutting down on me. All of us may have a old unit, but for its age it is still running very well and I’d appreciate to keep it that way.


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