My wifey is the one to talk to when it comes to gardening

My wifey has always been an expert gardener, then the only thing she needed my help with was digging up a space for her to plant all her plants and flowers, then over the years, the space has grown even larger as she dreams of adding more plants to her garden.

This year, the people I was with and I made a space for her to grow strawberrys and she has a special set up that has little pockets to hold the developing strawberrys and keep them off the ground.

This year, the children were curious about how the garden functioned. They wanted to know about the flowers and how they produced seeds and things love that! I wasn’t the expert love their mother, however I told them briefly how plants need pollinators love bees and other insects to spread the pollen so that plants are able to produce fruit. The bees use the pollen to eat basically love a protein they need, but people periodically mistakenly know that bees use the pollen to produce honey, however it’s honestly the nectar they take from unusual plants that allows them to produce honey. They use the pollen to feed themselves and to also feed the baby bees. While everybody was out there speaking with their mom about the garden, it was becoming particularly tepid outside. I tried to tell everybody that I wanted to get back inside to like some air conditioner for a little while. I need A/C breaks from time to time especially when it’s seriously overheated outside, noone seemed to be paying attention and then I asked if everybody wanted some ice-cream. That got their attention! Suddenly the people I was with and I were all inside with the pleasant air conditioner. I fixed everybody some dinner and then the people I was with and I enjoyed some ice cream before leaving the air conditioner to go back outside again.

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