Nan had all kinds of stuff inside of her ductwork

The other day when I went over to my friend Nan’s house, I was shocked when I saw her air conditioning vents.

Nan is not exactly the best housekeeper in the world, and that is a definite understatement.

Her house is a complete mess, and having a lot of animals in there is not helping things, either. She has three big dogs and there is dog hair everywhere. I went over to her house to water her plants for her and to let the dogs out while she was stuck at work that day. I had not been in her house in a long time. The state of the house had gone downhill tremendously since I had been there last. Anyway, I noticed while I was refilling the water dishes for the dogs that the air conditioning came on. However, the air vents did not have any cold air coming out of them. The kitchen was really hot and stuffy and so I started thinking that maybe there was something blocking the air conditioning vents in there. I moved the table over to make sure that nothing was blocking the air vent and when I did, the table leg hit the air register. It came out of the hole and that’s when I saw that the entire air duct was full of dog hair! It was really no wonder that there was no air conditioning coming out the air vent. On top of the hair, there was also a sock and a hair scrunchy! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.



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