Need to Get my Hydronic Space Heater out of the Box and Back in Action Again

I woke up today to seven degrees Celsius, or for you Americans it was about 44F.

My flat was still pretty warm but compared to what it was last week I think I may need the space heater soon.

I am trying to avoid using any type of climate control till I get my next power bill because the last one was through the roof and I can’t afford another one of those. I got my bill a couple weeks after the billing cycle at the end of the summer and was still running my AC then. Well, as soon as I got the bill the AC got shut down for the rest of the summer, so I hope that my next power bill isn’t crazy high like that last one. I am making just enough money each month to pay the rent and small utility bills. I’m not going to run the HVAC system unless it is a dire need because I have heard that the heating is even more expensive to run than the AC. I am wearing more clothes in the house but if we get some days below zero I am going to be forced to run the heat, or at least use my little portable space heater in each room. I just need to get a roommate and it will all be good again. The only problem is that my local contractor landlord said he doesn’t want me to have a roommate, but that is out of the question with the power bills we are getting in today’s world.

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