Need to Give Momma a Call This Sunday

I may even try calling mom today but I am pretty busy with work seeing that I slept pretty late today.

I drank a part of a cuban coffee last night and was up all night because of it.

I finally fell asleep at 8am and woke up at 10am, so I got a nice long two hours of sleep last night, yahoo. Today I am laying low and not letting anything bother me that comes up during the day. I have to work a few hours in the back storeroom of the air conditioning company where I work but that will be an easy half day of work. The office is closed today except for me and a cleaning person so it is going to be really quiet there today. I have to check on some HVAC equipment that arrived and make sure it is all in good shape and a little bit of work online with some orders. It is really easy work and I like to listen to some relaxing music while I am there to make time pass by quicker. I have a bunch of smart thermostats that came in and I am going to program one just to make sure I know all of the functions on it in case a customer has a question on something. After I finish work I will come home and rest for a couple of hours before heading down to the beach with my blue beach chair and some tunes. It should be a good day at the beach as the weather is heating up.

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