Neighbor went the wrong way on HVAC maintenance

I have a neighbor who just is the most contradictory fellow you could meet.

He’s so nice to my children and my wife.

The man acts like the kids were his own grandkids. He even remembers their birthdays. But with me alone, he’s all grievance and negativity. There are days when I bolt to the car from the air conditioning of the house just so I don’t have to talk with him when he’s outside. And that man is outside all the time. His yard really is a show place and so beautifully kept. How someone could invest that time, energy and money into landscaping but not a dime for HVAC maintenance is a puzzler. This is my neighbor’s stance on HVAC maintenance. It’s a waste of money. Of course, the facts clearly dispute that. It doesn’t take but a few minutes to find verifiable data proving the benefits of HVAC maintenance. That doesn’t mean anything to my neighbor though. He thinks everyone is out to get him including the HVAC company. He even gives me the business when he sees the HVAC technician van at my house twice a year. I get heating maintenance in the fall. That’s followed by an air conditioning tune-up in the spring as well. I’ve had this done without fail since the HVAC equipment was installed when we bought the place. Well, that stance on HVAC maintenance ended up costing my cynical neighbor. He’s now replacing his HVAC unit after on 14 years of service. That’s just terrible and I’m wondering what he thinks about HVAC maintenance now?


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