No Climate Control for a Whole Week

They say to accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.

So, losing my climate control plan for a month while in this overheated Summer is something I need to accept.

I assume it comes down to patience and tolerance when I am standing home dripping with sweat and hot, but knowing that it is going to end soon. No matter what the people I was with and I are going through in our lives, great or bad, the people I was with and I suppose that a single afternoon it too will pass. I didn’t sleep well last evening in the heat so today I am being extra kind to myself and just flowing along without judging anything. It’s a sunny overheated afternoon and I can go outside and get some natural air conditioner under the shade of a palm tree in the light breeze. I could be in a chilly and rainy climate, stuck in the house all week, although I am free to go outside and ride my bike in absolutely nice weather. I will go look at smart temperature controls today as I am going to replace my old dial component with a single as soon as they get my Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan up and running again. The people I was with and I are just waiting on a part to be delivered to them and then they are going to come out here right afterwards and get my component running again. It’s just a single small thing that broke on my central cooling system and the people I was with and I are waiting for it in the mail. I’m absolutely doing nice with my fans, I just need to bring them with myself and others when I change rooms in my flat.

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