No end in sight

I can not begin to tell you how much I hate AZ! I am unfortunately stuck living in this place for now, however guess me, as soon as I can afford to I am out of here & not looking back! This place is a certified hell hole if you want to assume the truth.

  • Right now there are both deadly heat warnings & severe awful air quality warnings! The temperatures are going to be up to 1 hundred & fifteen degrees & the air pollution is getting worse by the morning.

There is no end in sight for any of this as far as I can see for the next 2 weeks at least. This is why I am so cheerful that I invested the currency into a whole condo air purification system & real top quality central heating & cooling system. The whole condo air purification system doesn’t completely clear this dangerous air quality, however it makes it so that it is livable as long as you are indoors within the whole condo air purification system. So it is a good thing I work from condo & do not leave my condo much! The powerful air conditioning I have in this brand up-to-date & totally new central heating & cooling system genuinely combats the 1 hundred & fifteen degree temperatures outside. I can get this place so chilly you’d have no method it was deadly outside! The thoUnited Statesnds of dollars I spent on the central heating & cooling component plus the whole condo air purification system were well worth it!

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