No Heat or Air in Bathroom

I moved into what I thought was going to be our dream apartment. I had just moved to a current town plus I found an apartment that was in a desirable area with a lot of things to do. I searched for several weeks for the perfect location to stay plus I was cheerful when I finally found this a single. The location was so nice that I overlooked a single major thing about the apartment. The apartment didn’t have central heat plus air. Instead, there were numerous ductless mini break units that controlled the temperature of the whole location. There was a single ductless device in the main residing room plus home office area, a single in the guest home office, plus a single in the primary home office. I will admit that these numerous ductless mini break units do a fantastic task at keeping these rooms temperature controlled, although I wish there was a single more mini break unit. You see, our apartment has a break washroom with the toilet in it’s own room plus the shower plus sink in the other. Normally, this is fine, however for me, this means there’s’ no heat plus air in those areas. Thankfully there are fans for ventilation, however that’s it. Whenever I use the washroom, I can’t close the door without it getting too hot. I didn’t suppose it would be a important deal, however it’s proven to be a challenge. If I’m in there too long, there’s a lack of oxygen plus it gets difficult to breathe. Like I said earlier, the only thing I can do to prevent this is leave the door open. Thankfully, I live alone.

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