No one was to touch the baseboards because they got really hot

This old B&B that we stayed in two months ago had baseboard heating in it.

My thinking was this was pretty weird because I had not been anywhere with baseboard heating in at least 35 years or more.

It felt slightly vintage to us when we stepped inside the room and saw the baseboard heating installed on the walls in the B&B. It was a bit of a surprise, plus our youngsters had no clue what it even was. They started asking us what the things were on the walls and we tried to explain to them that it was an old sort of heating plan. These kids just looked at their dad and I like we were speaking Greek. When we switched on the baseboard heating, it started warming up the space fairly hastily and we told them not to touch the heating units because they can get particularly hot. It was interesting because it honestly led us into a conversation about the history of furnaces inside of the homes in our country and worldwide. That was a particularly weird conversation, however we ended up deciding that we like our high efficiency gas furnace plan at home much better than the baseboard heating plan that was at the B&B we were staying in. We are sure that our high efficiency gas furnace plan costs a fraction of the amount that it would cost to heat our cabin with baseboard heating. We are so glad that we have the category of heating plan that we do, then baseboard heating would particularly cost a fortune in a cabin the size of ours.


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