No Ventilation for Dryer

Our house was built a very long time ago and there are a lot of things I wish I could change about it.

I wish there were two garages instead of one, I wish the kitchen wasn’t so closed off, and I wish the washer and dryer were in a different location.

I love the location of my house and I plan on doing a renovation in the coming years, but for now, I’m living with the inconvenient things about it. However, if I could fix something right now it would be the washer and dryer location. For some odd reason, the appliances were connected to a shared wall with the garage. This doesn’t sound so terrible, but the ventilation is terrible. Whenever I try to dry my clothes in the dyer, the air vent does a horrible job at removing the warm air. The condensation from the dryer heat builds up and it creates moisture on anything within a small radius. Obviously, any form of moisture in a house is never good so I can’t use the dryer. I’ve tried running a dehumidifier to eliminate the moisture buildup when drying clothes, but it doesn’t work that well. The only solution was for me to line dry my clothes outside. This comes with other challenges as well, but it’s my only option until I can have the dryer properly ventilated.

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