Not a immense deal

I have been having an issue with my temperature control.

  • It is really a smart temperature control so it is ran on official batteries as well as mounted on the wall.

The issue is that the mounting wasn’t right when the local heating, ventilation, as well as A/C company had their heat as well as cooling system specialist come out to install the smart temperature control. It keeps falling on the ground right off the wall! Good thing that doesn’t affect the heating or the air conditioning! Rather than call them as well as complain as well as have to wait for another heat as well as cooling system appointment just to get it done right, I decided this was no immense deal as well as it was something I could fix on my own. I simply mounted or remounted it myself! I had the tools as well as it was no peculiar than mounting anything else on the wall. I was actually able to have it back on the wall as well as staying there in less than 15 minutes once I got everything together. I just could not believe that the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist didn’t catch the terrible mounting. Guess it could happen to anyone I suppose. I actually would have been fooled too. Because the smart temperature control did look fine when he left as well as it stayed mounted for many weeks before the complications began. So can’t hold it against the heating, ventilation, as well as A/C company. I fixed it myself, so all is now well as well as life moves on. I believe now in the future that mounting a smart temperature control takes a little more than just a few screws. So I l earned something out of this as well.

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