Off to the Local Business to Find Some Catnip

I think it is time to introduce my kittens to the world of catnip. They’ve never had it before and I am sure they are going to really like it as it makes them all wild and crazy. I remember my old cat from years ago and how it would roll in the catnip and jump all over the place in a fit of craziness. My HVAC tech friend has three cats and he says it’s one big party in the house when he busts out the catnip. I’m not sure exactly what it does to them but they really seem to go wild when they eat it or even smell it. I will be getting a roommate for the months of September and October, just to see how it goes with having one, and hopefully they aren’t allergic to cats. My cats are really clean and smell good thanks to my local contractor friend who gave me tips on how to keep them clean. I was going to give them each a bath once a month but he told me it isn’t good for their skin to wash them and to just let them do their own cleaning. I also run my air purifier and HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner each day to pick up any dust or dirt that might get on their fur. I think we have a good life here and maybe having a flatmate to share the costs of living here will ease things up a bit for me so I don’t have to work so much at the HVAC company.


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