Online marketing can take a HVAC business to the next level

Every business has to find a way to reach its target audience.

Otherwise, it’s not possible to grow and become successful.

This is a lesson my dad has continued to pump into me ever since I told him I’d want to start a HVAC business. My dad is a plumber by training, and he is doing so well in his industry. He told me about his story and why he thought of starting his own business. Dad has always been truthful about the ups and downs of life, and this has helped to shape my mindset. When I was in middle school, I’d intern at his business to earn some money after school, during the weekends, and holidays. This helped me learn so much about plumbing, and running a successful business. Then, after graduating high school, I went to a local HVAC college since my goal was to become a certified HVAC tech. That required attending classes, doing my exams, and then I’d get my official certification. After that, I worked for a local HVAC business then two years later I set up my own with only one other HVAC tech on board. My biggest tool to growth has and will always be online marketing. From the very beginning, I was eager to put into place digital marketing strategies to create awareness. We consulted an expert in web design to come up with a good website, and also set up social media pages. In the blog section of the website, all articles had to employ SEO and backlinks to boost traffic. It’s been three years since setting up the HVAC business, and the growth has been amazing. Online marketing strategies have made it possible to get more customers, and I now have a team of 5 HVAC techs working for me.


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