Ordering a new portable space heater

It’s been quite a while now and I’m starting to feel restless.

It’s already been a few weeks since I placed an order for my new portable space heater.

I can’t believe none of the stores sell one around me. In an email, I have been paying attention to the tracking number for the last week and it should be here today and I’m happy I can get one. I don’t necessarily need one now but winter is coming up and my anxiety is telling me to have it just in case an issue occurs and I can’t get an HVAC tech out immediately. When I was in the market for a new portable space heater, I still had options. I didn’t necessarily have to buy a brand new portable space heater. I did see private sellers online locally to sell their used ones. This portable space heater is for emergencies only and if I bought a used one and for some odd reason my heater breaks down and the used portable air conditioner doesn’t work, I will be so upset. I has the option to go through the HVAC company and order one but I felt the prices they wanted were too high. In a way, I still feel I should’ve ordered one through the HVAC company but the reviews on the one I bought were really good so I am comfortable with the purchase I made. I hope it arrives today because I look forward to plugging it in and testing it out. Maybe I’ll turn off my thermostat for the night to see how comfortable I will be just using the portable space heater.