Organizing the training program on the new HVAC technology

As the senior HVAC professional, it was in my job description to train the new and existing HVAC repairman about anything HVAC-related.

Whenever the HVAC brands introduced new HVAC equipment, the HVAC business would send me for training at the brand center, and in turn, I would impart my knowledge to the team.

I love teaching and training and find it impactful to instill knowledge in any worker at the company. I was responsible when the brands came up with the new HVAC technology. I decided to do it in phases. First, I would train the experienced technicians since it would be faster, then move on to the novice technicians. I always started with experienced technicians because they already knew how to operate and run HVAC maintenance on quality HVAC systems. The latest technology incorporated systems that would be programmed to start and stop when needed and a smart thermostat that allowed customers to set their preferred temperature even when they were away from the house. The regulators could also intelligently study the temperature needs and patterns of the customer and set the HVAC unit to operate to the customer’s satisfaction and to help with indoor comfort. In as much as training the experts were straightforward, training the novices was much more fun. It taught me a lot of patience as we interacted in the form of questions and answers. The last group to go through the training would be the HVAC providers at our stores. They needed to understand the new technology and new HVAC systems, if any, since they would, in turn, advise the customers that visited the shops. I managed to run the program within two weeks which was my best time.


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