Our first gas fireplace in our first house

Mine starts as a sad story but it morphs into a story of success and hope.

Unfortunately or fortunately, we were raised in the streets. When dad was walking about trying to get our next meal, he bumped into a lady who ran a nongovernmental organization. To shorten the story, we ended up moving from the streets to a one-bedroom apartment. Dad and mum were given jobs and I was enrolled in school. Since I was born, I got to live in a house when I was 12 years old. The new accommodation was beautiful, it even had a gas fireplace. This was the first whole-home heating I had ever experienced and it felt amazing. The gas furnace in the bedroom was an intricate and complex kind of equipment. I could see the ductwork snaking its way around the house. The HVAC repairman advised that we schedule duct cleaning at least two times each year. Clean vents would protect the equipment from damage and it would promote air quality because the air would travel through clean HVAC ducts. To keep the vents clean, an important step was to clean the washable filter after every two to three months. The entire process of maintaining or serving the unit is referred to as furnace/heater tune-up by the heating corp. The foundation that donated the house had the boiler installation done a week before we moved in. To ensure my parents did not pay an arm and a leg for our comfort and the home services, the technicians shared some energy-saving help tips with us. We could also get assistance from the local heating provider who gave us the company contacts in case of any issue or repairs needed.

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