Our latest convention was for HVAC sales reps

I work in one of the biggest convention centers in Vegas.

We are wedged in between a massive hotel and a prestigious casino, and we stay booked solid all through the year.

As you might have guessed, our speciality is hosting major conventions and industry trade shows. I am in charge of logistics, which means I set up a show without needing to know much about what the industry is. We host conventions of dentists, accountants, taxi drivers, sculptors, deep sea divers, copier salespeople, and HVAC techs. We have blocks of conference halls and showrooms, so no matter what your business is, we can showcase it. Last weekend we hosted a major event for HVAC sales reps from across the country. These weren’t the heating and cooling technicians that work on the equipment, just the salespeople who sell them. It was a rather demanding weekend, because there was a different conference or lecture about the newest models of heating and cooling equipment several times a day. They had several thousand people here at one time or another, all of them wanting to learn more about the newest developments in A/C and heating systems. At night the HVAC sales reps got crazy, and we had to call the cops several times when their room parties got out of hand. The convention center did everything it could to accommodate these people, but I hope the big HVAC sales conference is held in another city next year. With all the various industries that have held conventions here, the HVAC workers are probably the craziest.
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