Our New, Old House Needs Air Conditioning Installation

My partner and I have been in love with an old house in our childhood neighborhood for years. You can imagine our joy when we noticed a “FOR SALE” sign on it as we took a morning run when we visited her parents. Of course, we made a quick purchase, but while we made all the checks to ensure it was not a bad deal, we forgot that the old homes had no current air conditioning. Our first reaction to this realization was despair, especially since it meant spending more money than we bargained for. My mother suggested we start by learning more about air conditioning and possibly paying a visit to the nearest air conditioning business. We went about our research, consulted the neighbors who had similar houses, and finally recommended an air conditioning expert who would help us achieve an efficient and affordable air conditioning installation. At the first visit to the house, the a/c rep conducted an assessment of the home, which would help them decide on the best cooling equipment for the house. The cooling specialist then explained the available cooling products we could use for the house and the quotation for each. We were keen to ask if any of the cooling technology available would need us to break down walls or if there was an option to set it up within the house. The HVAC expert explained that there were ductless options that fit our aesthetic. We also learned that after installation, we would need a routine air conditioner tune-up that would include a change of the air conditioning filter for maintenance. We hate spending more money in the future, but we knew that preseason checks on the heat pump would save us from more expensive air conditioning repair.

HVAC maintenance