Radiant heating is great

My friend and I’ve spent the past couple of days exploring potential apartments for the upcoming school year. We’ve seen at a minimum five different places. We’ll have to move when our lease expires in summer, and we really want to ensure we’re headed into a nice place. My friend is really insistent there be… Read more Radiant heating is great

Keeping my dorm room comfortable

I’m a poor college student who has to live in university housing for the next few years of my undergraduate degree. My school has a lottery which determines which students will be required to stay on campus and which students will be permitted to seek off-campus housing every year. Unfortunately, I’ve consistently lost the housing… Read more Keeping my dorm room comfortable

Fixing problems

I am the sort of person who loves to do things on her own. I like to fix and discover how to repair things, and Google and YouTube are great ways of getting schooled on some new tricks! Nevertheless a caution to you. When regarding your gas furnace, oil central heat or central air conditioning… Read more Fixing problems

Commercial cooling system

I always hate going to the doctor’s office. Their office air is constantly so heavy and cold with the A/C blasting no matter what. This makes my whole appointment so horrible. They put you within a paper gown with intense air conditioning on the metal table. Do doctors use air conditioning to torture their patients?… Read more Commercial cooling system

Taking the HVAC for granted

We typically have several heat waves during the summers here. The summer comes with sweltering heat and humidity and sometimes I even think I am going to pass out from overheating.  I’ve lived through lots of heat waves, but there is one summer in particular that is unique above all the others. That it was… Read more Taking the HVAC for granted