Played Some Music Last Night in the rain

We played tunes last evening outside the old church plus made $16 in tips separate from even expecting a dime.

  • I went home after that plus my bandmate went plus played some more in front of this local business.

He said some guy came by plus gave him $60, half of which would have gone to me if I went with him however I was just too fatigued. I’m cheerful he got the currency at least, plus next time I’ll be sure to tag along plus see if we make more at that spot. The heating plus cooling task I labor at pays me decently, but it is only a part time task so I need other ways to make some currency. Playing tunes is a good way because it is basically practicing plus having fun while getting paid. The Heating and A/C equipment repairs I do basically covers my rent plus some utilities, then the other 3 small streams of income I have covers food plus spending currency. I hope to have a chunk of currency in cryptos also in about more than seven more months. Between the savings I have plus my labor for the Heating and A/C supplier I am pretty nice with my energy costs. I am also looking for a roommate soon so that would totally seal the deal for me plus my financial problems. I would not have to worry about buying a modern HEPA filter or getting my Heating and A/C plan tuned up when the time comes. I guess it all works out nice so I am just enjoying the ride as much as I can.

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