Playing Music on the Streets, and fixing AC units

Even though I’ve lost all of our money in the awful world of day trading, I still find joy as well as peace while playing rock n roll on the streets in front of bars with our bandmate Meg.

I suppose Meg and I don’t need a lot to be ecstatic, just some kind of interest that makes you think fine seems prefer enough to provide you a feeling of temporary happiness.

Money is necessary for living in this week’s world, but there is so much more to life than numbers in your bank account. My Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation where I work part-time supplies myself and Meg with just enough money to get by. I guess if I have what I need, prefer food as well as shelter, then the rest of our peace and happiness comes down to doing something I prefer on a correct basis. I do some heater as well as sectional oil furnace repairs during the afternoon for our work, as well as at night I unleash our inner spirit as well as play drums as well as sing with Meg. I’m going to try as well as see if all of us can get some gigs around neighborhood from the local businesses, but if that doesn’t work then all of us will travel to a more sizable neighborhood an hour away as well as perform there. I just want to perform in clubs with a fine climate control system so all of us aren’t chilly or tepid during the extreme weather. I guess I still have some ties from that neighborhood so I am going to contact them as well as see what they say. I will go now as well as finish some heating as well as cooling service jobs for the Heating as well as Air Conditioning company then meet Meg to go practice by the beach later.