Portable Furnaces Scare Me

I believe savor it’s really straight-forward to cool a space down compared to heating up a space.

I abruptly realized this when I had a room in our house that needed extra heat plus not air conditioner.

There are tons of portable fans plus ceiling fans on the market for cooling, however the possibilities are limited with gas furnaces. There’s portable gas furnaces, however they seem dangerous to me. I don’t savor the plan of plugging in something that heats to a high temperature plus then standing it on something. It sounds savor a total fire hazard! I guess there are a lot of heating systems out there that have a safety feature that shuts the gas furnace off when it becomes boiling, although I don’t trust it. I need the extra heat in our home office, especially while I sleep. The last thing I want to do is go to sleep with the portable gas furnace running plus then wake up to a fire. I’ve study countless reviews about these heating systems on the market plus most of them are excellent. I just can’t seem to relax about it though. I guess if I purchase a heat source plus put it beside our bed, I’ll spend all night lying awake because of stress plus anxiety. I never have to worry about a ceiling fan or A/C device burning our house down. For now, I’m going to endure the chill in our home office plus wait until I find something better. I may have to install a ductless device just for the heat.



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