Preparing my Heating plus A/C device for the Summer

Now that the Summer is right around the corner, I have been thinking about preparing for the warmer months ahead. Every year, I have a checklist of things that I do around this time of year to make sure that my Summer comes plus goes without any hiccups. The one year that I neglected my checklist, I had the worst 48 hours that I could’ve imagined. Two years ago, I decided to skip getting my Heating plus A/C device diagnosed. And unbeknownst to me, that Summer ended up being one of the hottest on record. If I knew that the Summer would be that brutal, I would’ve figured out a way to schedule my Heating plus A/C service appointment. Well, I chose not to plus that year, my Heating plus A/C device broke down in July on a afternoon where the temperatures hit a high of 102 degrees. It was a record for the state that I live in plus turns out, I wasn’t the only person who ended up with a broken cooling system on that afternoon. When I called my Heating plus A/C provider for emergency service, I was told that it would take 48 hours before an Heating plus A/C serviceman could service my unit… Due to the heat, I decided that I should sleep in a hotel, however nothing was available for a sufficient price. So, I did the next best thing plus bought a fan because I feel that it would’ve helped to bring some relief. It did not, plus for 48 hours, I was irritated due to the heat. Needless to say, since then. I have never skipped my Heating plus A/C appointment. In fact, aside from changing my air filter, scheduling an Heating plus A/C service is one of the first things I do to prepare for the warmer weather.