Radiant flooring is the best heating system

Because of my job, I’ve moved around a lot.

I’ve lived all over the northeastern part of the country, where the weather is extremely cold, snowy and wet for the majority of the year.

It’s typical to operate the heating system for approximately eight straight months. My experience with all different heating systems has shown me the pros and cons of each. I was not overly impressed by the forced air furnace because of the noise, energy waste and air contamination caused by the duct system. As the hot air flowed from the vents, it would rise straight up to the ceiling. I found that I needed to set the thermostat much higher to keep comfortable. I was not at all happy with the comfort provided by an electric heat pump at the one home. The system was ideal for air conditioning in the summer and easily handled the heating demands of the spring and fall. However, when the outdoor temperature dropped below freezing, the system couldn’t keep up. I needed to bundle up in layers of clothes and rely on an electric heated blanket to keep warm. In my opinion, the best type of heating system is a boiler and radiant flooring combination. The boiler heats up water and sends it through a series of pipes installed beneath the floor. The heat is spread evenly across the surface of the floor and rises very slowly. There are no drafts or cold spots, no worries over insufficient humidity or introduction of contaminants into the breathing air. The equipment is entirely concealed, never creating an eyesore or taking up living space. I didn’t need to arrange furniture around it. No matter how cold it got outside, I could walk barefoot across the floor and feel totally warm and cozy.

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