Radiant heating just like when I was a little kid

Now that I’m in my late 60’s, I’m getting a much better understanding of life’s patterns and cycles.

The term full circle comes to mind. But the older I get, the more I’m feeling how things from my past continue to flow through my life. That’s true when it comes to an HVAC experience I had while visiting a friend. It brought back memories from way long ago. Like when I was five or six years old. And it came back to me with such immediacy and clarity. We have great friends of ours who just completed work on their new home. It’s a really nice place and a great example of what my wife and I would like to do ourselves. Now that the kids are having their own babies, it’s time to get rid of the family house and that means an HVAC upgrade to sell it. And then we would like to build a home which will be a first for us. Like I said, our friends just completed that process, they chose the geothermal heat pump for the heating and cooling of their home. I was not that familiar with the geo heat pump. But the more I learned about it the more appealing it sounded. That’s especially true from an HVAC utility cost perspective. The geo heat pump is about the most efficient and sustainable HVAC unit out there. But when we walked into the house for our visit, it was the radiant floor heating that took me back. It was as though I was immediately transported in time to my parents old house. They had a giant boiler in the basement and radiant heating throughout.