Raw honey is unquestionably extravagant, but it has tremendous good points

I have constantly thought that raw honey was extravagant.

And though I understand the reason for the cost, it was something that I was constantly aware of, however the price did not prevent myself and others from purchasing the honey because I guess that honey has some great health benefits, then it is an antibacterial agent, it’s rich in antioxidants, may improve heart health, may help with the symptoms of a cold, plus so much more, but so, of course, it is beneficial to purchase honey just for the benefits alone, even though I believe the raw honey that I purchase from the farmer’s market is extravagant, there is another honey on the market that is many times or more extravagant than the honey that I buy on a official basis.

This honey comes from another country, plus it has higher levels of antibacterial, antimicrobial, plus antioxidant properties than the local honey that I buy. Plus, this honey is scarce plus accounts for 1% of the honey produced each year. Additionally, it can only be found in this one section of the world. Also, the honey is unquestionably hard to harvest because there is only a 2 to 6 week window where the plant that it is harvested from blooms. So, with all these benefits plus difficulty in producing this honey, it makes sense that it is the most extravagant honey on the market. Personally, I won’t be purchasing that honey any time soon, but I will spend the extra money to purchase raw locally grown honey at my neighborhood farmer’s market.
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