Renting HVAC systems for a wedding rehearsal and dinner

I was so shocked when my father managed to host our wedding rehearsal and supper on a yacht! It turns out one of his good friends from school owns the yacht and he was glad to help us care about the romantic supper of our dreams, then the two of us were able to choose whether all of us wanted to care about our food out directly under the stars where there were portable gas furnaces arranged.

  • Those heating, ventilation and A/C systems were rented by my father as he wanted to make sure everybody enjoyed perfect comfort, and along with the heating, ventilation and A/C components came the UV media air cleaners which were seriously powerful and provided excellent air quality.

They also provided a feeling of safety knowing they were destroying pathogens correctly. The two of us absolutely ate within the dining hall of the yacht, but all of us did go out and care about drinks with our buddies and loved ones. It was such a charming night too, you could see most of the stars in the sky and it was excellent! I must say, it was taxing to top this supper rehearsal, but I believe all of us did a good job getting to an amazing place. The wedding night really went off without a hitch, but I do wish all of us would have decided to go back on the yacht for a hot minute… My father said his friend had other arrangements though so all of us couldn’t have made that happen, but the wedding night was still spectacular! The two of us had a sweet DJ who was on point with the music and the traditional wedding music, and everybody was on the dance floor getting their groove on!



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