Renting out a space for the festival

It is easy to seal up everything plus the container locks

My location holds a Winter holiday festival once a year! All sorts of sellers turn up plus tourists flock to our area! The people I was with and I have jewelry, pants, shoes, music plus all sorts of food trucks. Any local corporation would be dumb to pass it up, and for years it was a struggle for myself and others to attend… Being a small place, I didn’t have a lot of money to set up a stand; My speciality is sandwiches and hot drinks. That meant I needed electricity plus plumbing in whatever setup that I had, and I couldn’t just bring a folding table plus call it a day. Any sort of van with that device was severely fancy plus I would be stuck with it forever. Thankfully I found a turnkey solution with a shipping container supplier. They offer shipping container kitchen rooms. It is a portable shipping container that has a real love set up inside. I have electric, plumbing plus HVAC. The shipping container is small plus has a bar top set up, so anyone in the Winter season festival can come up plus place an order, but not be in our dining room. I have plenty of sections to store all our extra food plus equipment, then what is nice is that the festival lasts for a week. It is easy to seal up everything plus the container locks. I leave it in our rented section plus come back the next afternoon. What is great is after the month is up the shipping container facility picks it up for me. I just pay a small fee to rent it out for a week.
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