Repairing a roof is a noisy job

I live in a townhouse that I have been renting for about 2 years now.

And last year, after some major storms, I noticed that there was a leak inside the garage.

From the outside looking in, I could see that the shingles were curled up in this one spot on the roof which is where I saw the leak inside the garage. I then noticed that the shingles on my neighbor’s garage were curled up and discolored as well. So without knowing for sure, I could only assume that there was a leak inside my neighbor’s garage as well. Anyway, I took pictures of the roof as well as the leak and sent it to my landlord. It had been some months and I hadn’t heard back from him. Then finally, I received a notice that the entire complex will be getting the roof repaired. The HOA hired a roofing contractor who would be completing the roofing repair on different sections of the complex. The HOA provided the name and phone number for the roofing contractor and advised the residents to contact the roofing contractor if there were any issues. Well, about a week after I got the notice, the roof repairs began, and I could tell because repairing a roof is a noisy project. And when the roofing guys moved to my section of the complex, the noise was even louder than it was before. The letter did mention that the noise level would be high, so this was something I knew was coming, but this was the first time that I had lived somewhere that needed roof repairs. Needless to say, after a noisy week, the roof repair was done, and I was grateful to have peace again.


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