Repairing the furnace on my own

I really wanted to service the furnace myself when it tore up last month.

I suppose I was thinking that I was much smarter than I really am.

I’m not all that smart, if I’m really being super honest about it. I don’t know how to repair several things around the house, but at least I’m a great cook, so my wife doesn’t think that I’m completely worthless around the house. Whenever I can’t get something fixed correctly and we have to call an electrician, a plumber, or an Heating and A/C serviceman, I always make sure that I cook up a delicious lunch for her! She never complains about it, however it makes me feel bad whenever I can’t repair things around the house. For some reason, it makes me feel like I’m less than a man. I know that my wife’s dad used to repair everything around the home back when she was growing up. I think that she thinks about that, although she never mentions it! She’s too polite for that, I guess. When the furnace tore up last month, I tried hard to repair it myself and it was the worst idea that I have ever had. I messed around with the furnace for a while, and after that I didn’t do a single thing except make the problem even worse than it was before! Then before I knew it, there were flames shooting out of the furnace! I nearly burned down our entire home because I was too proud to call an Heating and A/C company to have them repair the furnace the right way.


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