Romantic candlelight dinners almost ruin the HVAC

My wife Is awesome in so many ways! That’s not how I would describe myself, but 15 years into our marriage, we are truly happy. However, to win her over back then, I almost ruined my HVAC system! The story is odd, but true. We met at work, both of us just out of college. Broke, with no romance skills, I did the best I could, which meant going with some old-fashioned perceptions. I romanced my wife by cooking for her by candlelight! The first meal I baked for her, I made it casual but lit candles on the dinner table. For some reason, she loved it! She loved how authentic and relaxed it was. I figured it was the candlelight so I kept doing it. What I didn’t realize was that this was bad for my HVAC equipment; all that burnt wax in a small apartment builds in a hurry. After a few dinners, the air filter was covered with a sheet of candle wax.

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