Running air conditioning maintenance at my new neighbor’s house

I have lived in my home for numerous years now and last Winter time we had a new friend move into the home next to mine.

I was ecstatic because it had become lonely sharing the entire complex on my own.

My new friend was a young mother with a yearly young family. I would help babysit their cute child when I was not toiling. One evening I heard a knock on my door, my friend was requesting that I help check on his a/c. She knew I worked as an a/c representative at the local air conditioning company. When I entered the house, I noticed the low air quality. The a/c plan had stopped toiling, plunging the home into a heatwave. The locale was seriously boiling and stuffy. The plan needed comprehensive air conditioning maintenance to restore function. The a/c upgrade had been done about a year when my friend moved in. She had tried to keep up with the a/c care plan however with the toddler and other home matters, he had not come around to calling an a/c worker for any a/c repairs. All in all, he understood the importance of a/c care. Further examination of the plan revealed that it was broken due to a power surge. Both of us contacted the air conditioning supplier the next day for a new air conditioning unit. The a/c maintenance took a couple of hours afterward, so I headed to the air conditioning business. To help his out, I offered to be scheduling the tune-ups and repairs, all he had to do was be available when the date came. Taking care of an Heating and Air Conditioning plan was not easy however it was worth it.


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