Running my Zone Control Today in my Flat

I am going to just cool down my office today with the zone control HVAC system I have. It’s pretty neat that you can cool down one room in the house without needing to cool down the whole place. I guess the smart thermostat knows because of the sensors in each room telling it what the temperature is. I’m not exactly sure how it knows the temperature in each room but there must be some kind of sensor in the vents or something because I don’t see any other way it could know. I used it during the winter to heat specific rooms that I wanted heated and it did a great job of it. The HVAC company who installed it told me that they work very well at keeping each room the temperature that you want. I love how technology has made life easier in certain ways, for example my robot vacuum cleaner that cleans the whole flat without me doing a thing. I just need to clean its HEPA filter once a week, along with a few other parts on it that get dusty. It only takes me about a minute or two every few days with emptying the dust bin in it, besides that there really is nothing else to do on it. I plan to get an HVAC tune-up soon and am saving some money each week to do so. The store near me is going to do it once I pull the trigger. They have a great HVAC service team who will come out on a moment’s notice.



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